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1 BTC = 120,000 MOOSE

1 ETH = 10,000 MOOSE

1 LSK = 500 MOOSE

1 LTC = 1,750 MOOSE

1 DOGE = 0.0815 MOOSE

1 DASH = 8000 MOOSE


= 120,000 MOOSE


= 10,000 MOOSE


= 500 MOOSE


= 1,750 MOOSE


= 0.0815 MOOSE


= 8000 MOOSE

  • 100% MOOSE bonus
  • 60% MOOSE bonus
  • No bonus

DO NOT: send from an exchange wallet. You will lose your MOOSE if sent from an exchange wallet such as Coinbase or Poloniex.

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Register your music, manage and pay out royalties, execute crowdfund actions.


Music Lovers

Listen to music legally, donate or invest in musicians and their songs. And share in the profits of your favourite musicians.


Streaming Service

Create or connect a streaming service on the Moosty blockchain and profit from existing contracts and payment services.


Record labels

Move your artist on the Moosty blockchain to automate processes and agreements between the label and the artist.



We envision an easy registration of ownership rights for every musician – a decentralized storage. An easy way to get insight into these rights – transparency. Every participant in the ecosystem gets his fair share – fair distribution. We envision ease of transactions, almost instant payment provision – ease of payment. We put the musician in the centre of the industry again.

We will provide the possibility for every musician to create his or her own business model, provide templates of different models and provide data insights. Give them the autonomy to easily raise funds.   We envision one place to take care of all of your music business. Where every participant has the incentive to add value to the network. Where the founders of the network do not keep accumulating value unless they provide value themselves. A marketplace that in the long term is organised democratically and decentralized.

The Moosty Blockchain Platform will be deployed on the Lisk platform through a sidechain!



Since the advent of the internet the music industry has been in a constant battle how to keep up with the revenues of especially content distribution and the royalties involved. Piracy and streaming solutions have driven down revenues and margins and still there is no ultimate business model that rules them all – soundcloud is in demise, spotify does not pay enough royalties, and others do not pay royalties at all, the industry is being governed like an oligopoly with a few very powerful actors, and, in addition, the current way of doing business requires too much time to get paid without any transparency. Even Spotify and Youtube have difficulty in finding the owners of certain music rights and therefore hundreds of millions of dollars are not sent to their rightful owners, or end up in certain ‘black boxes’.

We believe that developers and musicians – who sometimes are one and the same – could work more closely together to create more services that can aid musicians along the way. There is a need to tackle some of the core infrastructure for the music industry to keep it fair and creative for those thousands of artists to come. Before we can build these targeted solutions and make lives of thousands of musicians easier we will have to emphasize some of the core challenges as tackling these would open up an ecosystem of solutions.

Ownership rights: Currently there is no central storage of ownership rights and the insight in ownership rights is time intensive, incomplete and non-transparent. The necessary solution is live and transparent insight in ownership rights.

Physical and digital distribution: The distribution of your revenue takes time. Sometimes it takes months, without any guarantee that the right amounts are transferred to your account. The distribution should be artist-centric, transparent and quick.

Fair distribution of revenue and alignment of incentives: The industry also faces differences in incentives; some actors within the ecosystem appropriate more value than others, especially the smaller musicians do not have the possibility to appropriate their much needed and deserved value. The incentives of all actors should be aligned and the power of developers should be leveraged more.

Different business models: Every musicians creates his own way of working her or himself to the top. We think it is time to create insights into data so that it is much easier to start from scratch and understand how your fellow musicians did before you. There should be more open and free information for musicians to start. There is need for a better User Interface.

Our Mission

Give musicians  chance

Artist-Centric Model

Put musicians back at the centre of their industry. In charge of their own revenue.

  • fair distribution of royalties
  • get faster payments
  • Unique rewards

Music Marketplace

A marketplace where artists can receive donations, sell royalty-rights, put out requests for help, make licensing deals, and more.

  • receive donations
  • sell partial ownership rights
  • make licensing deals


Leverage a large community of developers to build services for musicians. Developers earn Moosecoins within the ecosystem in exchange for services.

  • earn revenue with development of open source software
  • profit from musicians creating more value for the ecosytem


Learn more | 了解更多 | Узнать больше

We offer our whitepaper in English, Chinese and Russian | 我们提供英文、中文及俄语白皮书 | Мы предлагаем наш бизнес-план на английском, китайском и русском языках.


  • ICO 40%

The moosty ecosystem

Moosty Foundation

The Moosty Blockchain Platform will be governed from the Moosty Foundation. This foundation will govern the Moosty Ecosystem through the funding of operations, marketing efforts and the creation of incentives for developers by providing Reward through the MRE (Moosty Reward Engine). Over time the Moosty Foundation will become decentralized and decision-making will be democratically reached.

  • Moosty Ecosystem Operations
  • Moosty Reward Engine
  • Moosty Marketing efforts

Moosty Streaming Service

The Moosty Streaming Service is a non-profit streaming service where musicians can upload their music. The service will promote upcoming artists, pay-out royalties through the Moosty Blockchain Platform and will stay free.

  • Non-profit streaming service
  • Music platform for upcoming musicians
  • Pays out royalties through the Moosty Blockchain Platform

How it works

Moosty Market

The Moosty Market is an open marketplace where musicians can make deals, and where developers can also acquire deals

Streaming Network

  • The Moosty Streaming Network consists of two pillars; Moosy Streaming Service and the Third Party Streaming Services. When a musician registers their music on the blockchain they can also upload their music content on one or more of the networks.
  • Third Parties can integrate with the Moosty Platform through APIs and hosting music content.
  • The third party solutions provides external streaming services to make use of the Moosty Blockchain, pay-out through our system and stream content from artists.


The road to a new music industry

The Moosty Team

Jurre Machielsen

Jurre Machielsen


Raphael Cornelis

Raphael Cornelis


Sander Mandemaker

Sander Mandemaker

Software engineer

Benjamin Baele

Benjamin Baele

Software engineer

The Moosty Team is continuously working on finding new Moosty Enthusiasts. Extending our team with front end and back end devs as well as real-life musicians and music industry actors. We are currently working on new partnerships to co-create the music industry we believe in! Interested in joining the Moosty community? Let us know!

Moosty news



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