Moosty – a decentralised organisation for musicians

Jul 18, 2017blog

Well hello, we are Moosty.

Actually I do not know where to start, we already have so many things to tell you, before we even started. And since this is our first official blogpost I’d like to give a rough overview of what we aim to achieve.

Currently we are creating a decentralised organisation for musicians to cover for every aspect of a musicians’ career; from start to finish. We would like to be the most used blockchain platform facilitating new musicians and all ecosystem partners around them. The total platform will be called “Moosty.” The total ecosystem will contain more than one service and more than one platform, therefore we will explain our current conceptual model in a future blogpost.

The whole blockchain area is new and will establish standards in the future; from forms of identity verification (abstract or real-life) until totally decentralised autonomous organisations. This area of innovation will remain turbulent for the next few years. It will be turbulent regarding the creation of a large amount of start-ups, the changing – and creation of – regulation, and the unavoidable establishment of dominant designs. We will adapt to the changing environment but we will always try to remain truthful to our mission; To put the musician at the centre of the music industry in every aspect of the lifecycle.

During our next blogposts we will keep you informed about every aspect of the organisation we are creating, the progress we make, the upcoming token sale, but we will also cover a broad range of topics to discover new stuff. Since discovering new technologies, new ideas, and new philosophies, remains part of our life.

Some topics we will discuss; the need for a change in the music industry, our vision of the future, our conceptual model of a blockchain infrastructure, the specific technologies of the blockchain platform we are building, and more.


The Moosty Team