Moosty ICO ends April 30th 23:59

Apr 28, 2018news

Hi all,

The Initial Coin Offering of Moosty will end at 23:59 on the 30th of April. Although we did not sell out this ICO, it has been a major success for the Moosty project! With the funds raised in this ICO, we will start building the foundation of the Moosty Platform!

As a way of thanking our growing community, we will double the amount of moose that current ICO investors will receive for their current ICO purchases. For every moose purchased by an investor in the current ICO, the investor will now receive two moose instead of one. In addition, we are reducing the total supply of moose from XXX to 500,000. This will reduce the number of moose assigned to the current ICO to 200,000 (40% of total moose). One-half of any unsold moose assigned to the current ico will be burned. The remaining half of unsold moose assigned to the current ICO will be reserved for a possible second Coin Offering at a later date.


Total Supply: 500,000,000
Supply Assigned to Current ICO: 200,000,000
Tokens Sold in Current ICO 15,000,000
Bonus Tokens 15,000,000
Unsold Tokens Assigned to Curent ICO: 170,000,000
Tokens to be Burned: 85,000,000
Tokens Reserved for Second Coin Offering 85,000,000

When the Lisk platform initiates sidechain support we will likely launch a second coin offering on the Lisk Platform. As stated above, the token supply for the second coin offering will equal one-half of unsold tokens previously assigned to the current ICO. Any unsold tokens from the second coin offering will be burned; no bonuses will be given. If we decide against launching a second coin offering, the remaining tokens assigned to the current ICO will be burned.

Thank you once again for your confidence and support. We are so excited to grow the Moosty Platform with you!


The Moosty Team